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Wild tales, the story of Simon Fisher

Origin: Canal Innovación – Sacyr

Technology answers basic and everyday questions like parking a car

Buenos Aires, 2014. Simón Fisher, better known as ‘Bombita’, is a methodical mining engineer, explosives expert and father of a family. A calm man who, due to the injustices of the regulations and bureaucratic hell, make him turn his personality towards a misanthrope type whose animosity for what is strictly established causes him to gradually lose control of his life. And all for one simple reason: a poorly parked vehicle. Simón Fisher’s story is one of the stories from the Spanish-Argentine film, ‘Relats Salvatges’. A classic of contemporary Argentine cinema that tells the story of an individual who is self-conscious of what is wrong in a spiral of stress, frustrated and paranoid. One vegada and another the seu vehicle is towed by the authorities because it is supposedly badly parked. If at the beginning the protagonist is presented with a home tranquil i respectuós, as far as the problems believe, the personatge becomes more susceptible, irritative, violent and provocative each season. Such is the seu delirium that in an arravatament of fúria and bogeria, the seu cotxe has just exploited in the municipal district of vehicles.

A tragic ending for a guy motivated by rancor and destined for failure who ends his days between the four walls of a cell. Perhaps with a dose of patience, a left hand and, above all, technology, Fisher’s fate would have been different.

Without a doubt, technology is born as a means to solve our needs. To respond to such basic and everyday questions as parking a car. Technological development evolves to achieve, increasingly, an improvement in our quality of life and to facilitate our day to day.

At Sacyr, we innovate to improve people’s quality of life. We believe in innovation and new technologies as necessary instruments to transform our lives and solve the challenges we face on a daily basis.

From Sacyr, in collaboration with Integra Parking, we have launched Blinkay, an app that allows you to pay, on time Real, and in a comfortable and intelligent way, regulated parking in more than 20 Spanish cities, among which Madrid and Barcelona stand out. Likewise, the solution is also available in other countries such as Mexico, Canada and Ireland.

This application, available on iOS and Android, is the most disruptive way to access and pay for services related to vehicles, parking and transportation. One method, mobile payment, has seen strong growth among users due to the COVID-19 explosion and fear of contagion. And it is that the experts point out that, in Spain, 32% of citizens use their mobile device to make any payment.

Blinkay allows the user to pay only for the time they use the service, with no hidden costs and with the possibility of recovering the time not consumed. Likewise, the solution allows the parking time to be extended from a mobile device, without having to go to the parking meter; avoid fines , thanks to the sending of notifications informing of the end of the parking time; and consult all the parking information in real time : occupation, geolocation, formal invoices, etc.

Maybe if Fisher had met Blinkay, his parking problems would have been over, the story would have been different, and he wouldn’t have lost control of his life.

Moral: don’t be like Simon Fisher, download Blinkay and park comfortably and safely.

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