the regulated parking zone in Vilafranca is activated.

Vilafranca regains the blue zone from today

The almost 500 parking spaces that were already qualified are maintained and the price for parking is 1.20 euros per hour.

As of today, Monday, the regulated parking zone in Vilafranca will be reactivated. The regulation of this first start will be implemented in the same places, around 500, which were already blue zone in the previous contract and the price that will be applied will be €1.20/hour.

As a novelty, the service includes state-of-the-art parking meters and mobile applications that will make it easier to pay and obtain the ticket. The new parking meter model will have a touch screen and “contact-less” technology and thanks to the possibility of entering the registration number, it will not be necessary to return to the parking point to place the paper ticket inside the vehicle

During these previous weeks and the first days of operation, an informative task will be carried out on the street and through social networks.

After the contract with SABA ended a few months ago, the City Council began the procedures for awarding a new contract for the management and monitoring of regulated parking spaces. The tender was resolved at the end of last year with the award of the service to VOPI Aparcaments, a company that is already managing the blue zones of Esplugues de Llobregat and Premià de Mar.

The new contract was signed last January and VOPI Aparcaments has had 3 months to prepare the start of the service: recruitment of staff, acquisition of machinery, repainting of spaces, information campaign, etc.