new parking meters in Valencia

The ORA news coming to Valencia: new parking meters in the on-street parking and new green zone car parks

Source: Las provincias

195 new smart parking meters and 5,000 occupancy sensors will be installed

Next week the new contract for the Valencia parking regulation ordinance (ORA) comes into force, which has been awarded to the company EYSA. This will mean some changes for those who use the parking lots in the on-street parking of the city.

Starting next Tuesday, May 11, users will be able to continue using the parking meters that are installed by the city, until the 195 new smart parking meters that will arrive at the end of June are incorporated. The City Council has announced that the change to these new parking meters will be made progressively and in accordance with the specifications and the company’s offer.

Also, 5,000 occupancy sensors will be installed and the new parking meters will have “advanced pricing,” according to the council. In this way, it will be mandatory to put the registration number, and the pricing will be based on the degree of emission, the pollution index and discounts.

On the other hand, from next Tuesday users will be able to pay for their parking in a regulated area directly in the ‘app’ of the new awardee, called Elparking and available for all mobile devices. They will also be able to continue doing it in the current Telpark and the option of using the parking meters for payment will continue as before.

Another novelty is that there will be electric cars with cameras with license plate readers to monitor regulated parking areas, and it will be combined with the inspection of personnel.

During a transition period between concessionaires, the ORA seats in Valencia will remain as they have been until now. However, in the coming months the new green areas for the exclusive use of residents will be implemented, as the neighborhood requests are addressed and the pertinent studies are carried out.

Thus, in the coming months Valencia will have three ORA zones. The on-street parking is maintained with a district rate and a maximum of two hours; the new green zone will be for the exclusive use of residents and will be paid at an annual rate, and the orange zone will continue to be for residents and non-residents alike.

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