new machines of the Donostia OTA

The new machines of the Donostia OTA will allow adjusting the money paid to the time used

Source: The Basque newspaper

The 307 parking meters will begin to be placed in December and if the payment is made with the mobile application, an extra 6% will be charged

The new machines of the OTA of San Sebastián will make it possible to ‘disappear’; that is, adjusting the money paid to the parking time actually used. It is one of the novelties of the new parking meters, which will begin to be installed in early December and will be renewed throughout the city. The Councilor for Mobility, Pilar Arana, presented the new dispensers at a press conference, once the new regulated parking management contract has been signed with the company Eyssa, which will charge 33.5 million euros in 6 years for this service. This new contract has also allowed the 6% increase in the rate paid if the mobile application was used to disappear from the OTA service.

The technological innovations of the new parking meters, the increase in the use of the mobile application and the occupation that these devices made of public land have led to the decision to eliminate 25% of the machines. Of the 479 that currently exist, it will go to 363. These are devices adapted to the Accessibility Law of the Basque Country, which will provide people with disabilities with information on the use of reserved places. The machines feature 10.1 inch color touch screen, adjustable solar panel, EMV payment system and QRcon scanner . They will offer users the “no need to physically place the ticket in the vehicles, the direct payment of penalties, the reading of discount vouchers or the availability of information on real-time occupancy.” By being able to unpark the machine, it will not return the money paid but will offer a voucher to the vehicle (registered with the license plate) that it will use in the next use of the OTA.

Eyssa will have four months from December to replace the old parking meters with the new ones, so that by the end of March the 307 new machines will be available, in addition to the 56 more current ones already installed.

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