New parking meters in Terrassa, Spain

Terrassa renews the 130 parking meters: goodbye to the physical ticket

The new system will require the registration of the vehicle parked in the blue zone to be entered, among other changes

Terrassa will renew the 130 parking meters distributed for the city in the coming weeks, and one of the main consequences of this will be the elimination of the physical ticket. She won’t be the only one. Thanks to a grant from the Next Generation European funds, the City Council has decided to take another step in the technicalization of the blue zone service in our city and, in the same line as other cities have already done, changes have been introduced in the management and control of the regulated parking service.

This very Monday, January 30, renovation work has already begun. The government has chosen to separate the city into 11 zones. The new parking meters will be placed progressively, to try to minimize the impact on users and the public road. The first area where residents will notice the change will be on Abat Marcet Avenue. Here, it has been chosen to replace half of the parking meters. Thus, one in two will be operational with the new system. The implementation is expected to be completed within 2 months, during which a reinforcement service supervisor will remain in the area that is being implemented.

Bonuses for ECO and payment with contact less

The new parking meters will be like those already found in Barcelona, for example. The first change is that it will be mandatory to enter the license plate of the vehicle that you want to park. Good news for those with ECO vehicles is that they will now be able to enjoy the bonus based on their environmental classification. An option that until now could only be done with mobile payment.

This new system also incorporates the management and control of payment with electric vehicles, which have license plate reading cameras, and which will reinforce the current work of the Egarvia wardens who go on foot. With the cameras you can check, in real time, the situation of each vehicle. Remember that the bonus for vehicles classified as “Zero Emissions” is 75%, while those classified as ECO is 25%.

On the other hand, there will also be greater adaptation of the amount of parking and greater real-time control of available or occupied spaces.

As already mentioned, the idea is to eliminate the physical ticket. The watchman on duty will be able to check the time and that the payment has been made just by checking the license plates of the parked cars, without the need for a piece of paper indicating this on the windscreen. In addition, another new feature is that it will be possible to pay in the blue zone with EMV contactless systems.

The majority of the Blue Zone’s operating hours coincide with the peak traffic hours in the city, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. However, in the city center (zone 1) this schedule is also extended to Saturdays. You can see here the distribution of the blue zone in the city depending on the rates:

Terrassa rates