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Blinkay is a privately owned family business founded in 2012. We built the company by establishing an outstanding reputation across the parking industry, world-wide. 

From the head office in Barcelona, Spain, Blinkay initially concentrated sales efforts in Europe. Once established, we created subsidiaries in key countries where we are now a leader in the parking industry. Today, Blinkay has offices in Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada, which has allowed exponential growth. Now that Blinkay’s products and services have been thoroughly proven we are expanding into the United States! 

We Are Open for Business!!!

Blinkay USA officially opened our doors in the Summer of 2022. Blinkay USA offers innovative, high-performance technological solutions for the parking control marketplace. We focus on phone app payments, smart meters, residential/guest permitting (daily, monthly, annual or any time frame). We also have our own complete enforcement solution suite. Blinkay offers citation issuance, citation processing, payment, appeals, the automatic application of added fines, mailing notices, or citations that are enforced through stand-alone LPR enforcement.

Blinkay’s key staff has 60+ years of multi-space meter parking-enforcement-LPR and software sales, installations, programming, service, and support experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about our products, pilot program offerings and pricing, please call anytime, we are here to serve you and your customers.