Rimouski new parking meters

Rimouski, the City and the users are adapting to the new parking meters

Source : Journal le soir

The City of Rimouski and users of parking spaces in downtown Rimouski are gradually adapting to the new smart parking meter technology implemented on May 3.

“We are in a pandemic period and all businesses must apply important hygiene measures, including disinfecting Interac terminals after each customer. Who cleans the parking meters in the City of Rimouski? “ Asks a reader who wrote to the evening newspaper .

“As long as the pandemic continues, the City should authorize free parking so as not to cause a source of cross-contamination. On the other hand, the uptime of the system is something of interest. I imagine an elder, in the pouring rain or during a blizzard, “stuck” in front of the machine for more than a minute to do the operation … “, he adds.

Also, another reader told us that he was surprised at the amount requested for a full day of parking. The author of these lines called on the City of Rimouski to find out more about these subjects.


“Parking meters are cleaned on an ad hoc basis, such as play modules or other outdoor facilities, for example. Like the play modules, people are invited to have their disinfectant in hand or in their vehicle or to use the disinfectant at the entrance of the businesses visited “, explains Frédéric Savard, from the City’s communications department.


“After a few uses of the parking meter, especially with the possibility of contactless payment, the payment to the device is done quickly. The mobile application also makes it easy to pay from any location and to extend your parking time, whether you are warm or protected from the rain. For example, someone less comfortable with technology, regardless of their age, could alternate between paying at the parking meter when time permits and paying with the mobile application. It is very easy to use, “ says Mr. Savard.


The latter specifies, as to the cost of a full day of parking:

“The maximum for one day is $ 26.13. The progressive pricing of parking meters promotes traffic in businesses by creating movement and increased turnover in the paid parking zone. Fixed pricing favors long-term parking, which results in less availability in the parking area in the heart of the city, near the many local shops. “

“In addition, the break-in is going well and we are always open to obtaining comments from both citizens and traders. People are invited to write to parking@rimouski.ca for any questions, comments or requests, ” concludes Mr. Savard.