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Quality and Environment Policy

Integra Parking Solutions, S.L. As an organization specialized in the Design, development and manufacture of parking meters, it is committed to Quality and care for the environment in its service provision. For this reason, it has implemented an integrated management system based on the UNE EN ISO 9001 and UNE EN ISO 14001 standards. The Integrated management system is the tool for continuous improvement as well as a key factor in the development of the organization.

Integra Parking Solutions, S.L. It is committed to knowing the needs and expectations of its clients in order to satisfy them in a way that increases their trust and loyalty. For this, it has a multidisciplinary team with more than 20 years developing innovative solutions in the parking and mobility management sector, capable of combining, developing and adapting cutting-edge technological solutions (mobile apps in native environments), with hardware developments and software for the industrial sector.

Integra Parking Solutions, S.L. offers a customer-focused service, adapting our solutions to the specific needs of our clients to achieve their maximum satisfaction and always ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

To achieve this, our Organization is committed to:

  • Respond to the concerns of our clients, offering them the most advanced technological solutions that best fit their needs.
  • Reduce and correctly manage the production of waste and the consumption of natural resources, materials and energy, betting on energy efficiency.
  • Involve all company personnel, suppliers and collaborators in the protection of the environment and the prevention of contamination that our service provision may generate.
  • Control and monitoring of internal processes, subjecting them to periodic reviews.
  • Have a vision of the future to be able to face the new demands of society.
  • Promote the capacity for innovation and a vocation for service 365 x 24h.
  • Risk management: analyze possible risks and opportunities, states of emergency and other threats at all times, establishing action and control plans minimizing possible negative impacts on business continuity and the environment.
  • Work with quality equipment and materials and that they have passed all the necessary controls.

The Management of Integra Parking Solutions, S.L. annually supports and reviews the implementation of the integrated management system, requesting all staff to collaborate and periodically reviewing this policy to assess its adequacy.

Carles Arroyo Managing Director May 2019

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