Paid parking coming to Canmore’s town centre and Quarry Lake

Visitors to Canmore will need to pay to park in coveted spaces when visiting either the town centre or Quarry Lake starting later this month.

The town’s paid parking program will go into effect on an unspecified date in late June at a rate of $3 per hour during peak season (May 15 to Oct. 14) and $2 per hour during low season (Oct. 15 to May 14).

Parking on main street, several surrounding streets and parking lots, as well as in the Quarry Lake lot, will require payment between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., seven days a week.

Residents of Canmore may register for a parking permit for up to five of their vehicles that grants them three hours of free parking in any of the paid-parking areas.

Canmore residents who wish to park for more than three hours in the designated paid parking lots may elect to purchase a monthly parking pass at a rate of $83 during peak season or $41.50 during low season.

Streets to the west and south of the town centre paid parking area will be restricted to Canmore residents who hold a parking permit. Anyone who lives on these streets may obtain a guest permit for their friends and family.

The town will continue to offer free parking in the lot on Bow Valley Trail and along Fairholme Drive and Seventh Avenue (outside the paid parking area).