Ciutadella Menorca

New application for Ciutadella, Menorca parking

It’s called Blinkay and can be downloaded from the iOS and Android stores.

The City Council of Ciutadella informs that the vending machines will continue to work as before and that the application will only change if you want to pay or manage the car park using this system.

Thus, Aparcare is no longer available from today and will give way to the so-called Blinkay. This application notifies users when their parking time is about to end, offers the possibility to pay by debit card, credit card or through Paypal and also highlights that with the application, the cost of the service will be only for the actual parking time. If you need more time, it offers the possibility to extend it from the mobile, without the need to physically travel to the car.

In the case of complaints and cancellations, they can be managed as before, with the barcode of the complaints and you can pay with the vending machines and with the applications of any online bank.

It is also planned that, in the near future, stickers will be placed on the parking meters informing about the operation of the service.

Finally, understanding is requested during the first days of adaptation and in the face of the possibility of small coordination errors. In this sense, it is reported that the staff is the same as until now and will be able to resolve the possible doubts of the users.

More info about Blinkay App