pay blue zone Mataró with Blinkay app

Mobile payments in the on-street parking of Mataró can be made from June 1 with the Blinkay app


Users can download the new mobile app from the Play Store or the App Store, depending on the mobile device’s operating system. It can also be downloaded directly with a QR code that will be posted on the parking meters.

PUMSA has awarded the company Integra the management of the software for the crane and on-street parking services. This fact implies that, from June 1, users in the on-street parking of payment, in cash or by card at the parking meters.

The parking meters will include information on how to download the new app using a QR code. It can also be done by searching for it through the Play Store or the App Store. The new payment application works in a similar way to the rest that exists in the market, registering as a previous step to be able to use it. Blinkay does not ask for any initial balance to start trading nor do you have to top up money. The app currently operates as a parking payment platform to other municipalities such as Barcelona, ​​Badalona, ​​Montgat, La Garriga, Palamós, Pals or L’Estartit.

The management system of the Mataró on-street parking allows working with different operators to make payments, but for the moment no other company other than the new winner has requested to be able to do so.

23% of payments via mobile

Of the 590,275 payment operations in the on-street parking in Mataró that were registered in 2020, 23% (137,857 operations) were made from the mobile, a secure system that allows you to pay the exact amount of the duration of the parking.

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