Blinkay App Mataró

Mataró bets on a single App to pay for the blue zone

Blinkay is the platform that won the concession from the Mataró City Council but it is still possible to pay by card or coins.

As of this October, there is only one application accepted to pay for the Mataró blue zone via mobile. Until a few days ago there were other operators that were accepted but now it is only Blinkay, the winner of the concession to exploit the mobility service in Mataró, the accepted app.

  • Mataró’s blue zones can still be paid for through the parking meters
  • These parking meters accept payment by card and also in cash, through coins
  • Contrary to what had been understood from a first tweet from the City Council, the only change is the payment system via mobile phone App

Blinkay enables other services

They explain from Mataró City Council that already in 2021, Blinkay was awarded the operation of the blue zone payment service. Blinkay, which is both a company and a platform, has had time to negotiate with other apps so that they could be incorporated into the service and in this way maintain the possibility of paying in Mataró with supports like those done in other places but not there there has been a private agreement between platforms and from this October the only one that can be used in the Maresme capital is the one that won the award.

Mataró City Council frames its commitment to Blinkay in the desire for this app to incorporate new functionalities. Thus, with the same support, you can receive immediate notifications on your mobile phone when you receive an infringement of the blue zone or, in another casuistry, you also receive a notification if your car is taken away by the municipal tow truck due to bad parking and this way the cost of the amount to be paid for pupilage is cut.

The City Council trusts Blinkay to become an App that gradually incorporates new functionalities and that allows for more agile and efficient management by the Matarona administration.