Makati: The city deployed Blinkay Solution in three phases, which include the Salcedo and Legazpi parking districts

Makati is the Central Business District (CBD) of Manila, Philippines. The city is vibrant and modern, however congested due to the high demand for on-street parking in the many business and commercial parking zones. In partnership with Blinkay’s regional distributor, Rebar, Makati Parking Association (MAPA) chose Blinkay’s recommended parking control solutions. The primary goal of the project will be the proper management of parking rights through pay-by-license-plate and pay-by-space technology. The latest license plate camera technology, which is able to track occupancy and perform enforcement actions, will also be implemented.

The city will install the recommended Blinkay solutions in three phases, which will include the Salcedo and Legazpi parking districts. MAPA will expand the implementation to other parking zones, after the initial phases are completed.

MAPA’s unified solution implementation roadmap with Blinkay and Rebar, will include:

  • Blinkay Chrono: The smart pay station that accepts coins, credit/debit cards and cashless (e-wallets QR code) payments. The Chrono may be set up for Pay-by-Space, Pay-and-Display or Pay-by Plate-Enforcement setups.
  • Blinkay App:  The mobile application for a municipality whereby parkers and residents alike, are able to pay for parking or apply for a permit.
  • Blinkay Ticket: A mobile ANPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) enforcement system, which maximizes enforcement efforts and eliminates human error.
  • Blinkay Control: An attendant parking payment system. Simple and effective, the system may scan a QR code from a person who paid in advance or take payment onsite, cash or card. The solution is perfect for accepting many vehicles in a short period of time, like at a large event, concert or similar. The system can even keep track of vehicle count, so as not to allow more vehicles than what the parking lot/garage allows.
  • Blinkay Camera & Sensors: Blinkay has vastly improved occupancy monitoring for municipalities, through the development and perfection of software used withLPRcameras. All camera read information is linked to Blinkay Ticket and Blinkay Suite so inventory actions may be logged, and enforcement actions planned and carried out.
  • Blinkay Suite: This is the integrated parking management system for the entire City of Makati’s  parking services.

Blinkay’s unified parking management solution allows a municipality to accomplish three main objectives:

  • Enable parking rights through the Chrono smart meter, and the mobile payment solution, Blinkay App.
  • Allow drivers, in real-time, to know the occupancy level of the parking zone they are driving to.
  • Automate and modernize enforcement capabilities with the latest and most advanced parking management hardware and software. 

The result of Makati’s New parking management solution will make the Asia-Pacific region a worldwide reference for smart and effective parking management.