new Chrono in Granada

Granada has started the installation of new «Chrono» parking meters

The Granada City Council It started the installation of new «smart Chrono» parking meters with the latest technology with which it is intended to facilitate parking and rotation of vehicles in the on-street parking, as well as improving the management of loading and unloading and ordering the coexistence between motorcycles and cars.

      “This technological leap is important to better manage public roads according to the needs that arise at all times.”      César Díaz, Councilor for Mobility

This action, as it has been specified, has no associated cost for the City Council since it is part of the service concession and contemplates the installation of a total of 145 new Chrono parking meters -3,000 parking spaces-. In the first phase, the service controllers will be available to users and explain the new features of operation.

      “It is important to make the service as efficient and friendly as possible to the citizen.”      César Díaz, Councilor for Mobility

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