Gloucester, MA: Beach & Event Parking Reservation System: Creating a Technology Plan that Works!!!

success case Gloucester Beach

A premier spot for beachgoers visiting from near and far, the City of Gloucester Massachusetts is a picturesque New England town. With award-winning beaches and a focus on visitor experience, Gloucester continually looks for ways to further improve and upgrade the beach-goer experience, which now includes a new frictionless parking reservation system for the Summer season.

The City of Gloucester asked for and received an electronic parking management platform from Blinkay, for managing advanced parking reservations at various beach parking lots, starting on Memorial Day weekend and lasting through Labor Day. The Blinkay platform provides flexible payment options like credit cards, contactless payments, and integrates with existing City financial and access control solutions.

Blinkay’s parking reservation solution offers everything you want, including:

  • Parking services under a unified and scalable back-office database platform.
  • Integration with other vendors, such as LPR readers and other SaaS platforms.
  • Complete customer services, including a dedicated account manager.
  • Improving the User Interface, which is now easy to understand, and communicates in real-time.
  • Regulating the ability to purchase a parking pass, according to the date the parking pass is being purchased.
  • Easy access because the system is compatible with iOS + Android apps, in addition to a web version of the solution.

Ryan Knowles of City of Gloucester, MA gives a step by step explanation on how Gloucester residents can get beach parking stickers.