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First day of the on-street parking in the Center of La Vila Joiosa

Source: ondacero

First day of the on-street parking in the Center of La Vila Joiosa

Today the regulated parking areas in the downtown area of ​​Villajoyosa have come into operation using the existing parking meters of the previous concessionaire. It is estimated that by next week the rest of the machines will have already been received and the O.R.A. will gradually begin to function. in all areas.

In La Vila Joiosa today, the first day of implementation of the on-street parking, the O.R.A. However, it has only begun to function, as was already warned from the town hall, in the downtown area. For now, the work of the controllers will be more informative than warning if a driver forgets to leave the usual ticket clearly visible on the dashboard, however, it is expected that next week the new parking meters will already be received and the service will begin to function normally.

As Onda Cero has already reported, in principle the old parking meters are being used but with particularities, because during the payment process a card is not accepted and you will have to have the exact cash for the time you want to hire. In addition, as a novelty also with respect to the previous service to which the villagers were accustomed, on this occasion the registration number of the vehicle for which parking is requested must be entered.

Although it seems that it is not announced in all parking meters, an app is enabled to make the payment electronically. In addition, the head of the Traffic Department, Isabel Perona recalls “that an office has been set up to inform citizens or to process the resident card.”

“At the moment, absent-minded drivers” who do not have a ticket or do not renew it will not be sanctioned, at least in a few days and the controllers will act more as informants than as sanctioners, has informed the mayor of the area, Isabel Perona.