Cookies Policy

The Blinkay Portal, hereinafter “the Portal” , and its service providers use cookies and other technologies (such as web hit counters), as well as advertising identifiers, for various reasons. The Portal uses these technologies to, for example, make it easier for users to access services by remembering their credentials when they re-enter the Portal or to provide and analyze the services. Cookies and advertising identifiers are also used to better understand our users and their likely interests, and to offer them personalized advertisements or marketing campaigns. This section explains the types of technologies that we use, what they do and the options that the user has regarding their use.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are normally stored on your device when you browse and use websites and online services. It is widely used to make web pages work, or to make them work more efficiently, as well as to provide information and help personalize the service or advertising.

Cookies are not the only technology that enables this functionality: the Portal also uses other similar technologies. Here are more information and examples.

2. What are advertising identifiers?

Advertising identifiers are similar to cookies and are found on many mobile devices and tablets (for example: the “identifier for advertisers” \ [IDFA ] of Apple iOS devices or the “Google advertising ID” of the Android devices), and on some streaming devices. Like cookies, advertising identifiers serve to present online advertising that is more relevant to the user.

3. Why does the Portal use cookies and advertising identifiers?

  • Essential cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary to offer our website or our online service. For example, both we and our Service Providers may use cookies to authenticate and identify our subscribers when they use our website and applications so that we can provide our service to them. They also help us enforce our Terms of Use, avoid scams, and keep our service secure.
  • Performance and functioning cookies: These cookies are not essential, but they help us to personalize and improve your online experience with the Portal. For example, they help us to remember user preferences and avoid having to re-enter information that you have previously entered. Deleting these types of cookies may limit the functionality of our service.

4. How do I exercise my choices regarding cookies?

If you do not want to see ads from the Portal based on your estimated interests based on an advertising identifier on a mobile device, tablet or streaming device, configure the appropriate setting on your device (usually in the “privacy “,” advertisements “or” advertisements “from the device settings). You may still see Portal ads on your device, but they will no longer be tailored to your potential interests.

For more information on how to change your cookie settings, select the browser you are using:

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