Blinkay is the new app for On-Street in Irun

Blinkay is the new app for On-Street in Irun

As of this week and after the change of the company that manages the service, it is necessary to have the Blinkay APP installed.

The new manager does not imply any change for citizens beyond the need to update the mobile APP for paying for parking from the phone and which from now on is BLINKAY. For the moment, the previous APP (Elparking) has stopped working in Irun. All those who had the Elparking APP have received an e-mail notifying them of the change and giving them the option of recovering the balance they had in the previous APP. In addition, the machines (parking meters) inform about the new application.

To download the APP is very simple:

· Search BLINKAY in APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY and download the APP

· Scanning QR code that is in the machines to obtain OTA ticts

· Create your BLINKAY account with your email

The advantages of having the mobile application are the following:

  • TIME EXTENSION: When the parking term that has been paid is about to end, a warning message is received on the mobile phone and the term can be extended from the app. Mobile without having to go to the vehicle.
  • “STOP”: Once the parking is finished, through the app. Mobile can recover the amount of the period that has been paid in excess and is not going to be used.
  • CANCELLATION OF SANCTIONS: At the time the vehicle is sanctioned, you will receive a message on your mobile phone and you can cancel the complaint through the mobile application.

Within the APP you will have access to BLINKAY support for any questions related to the APP.

The new contract follows the scheme of the current one, and maintains the four types of regulated places:

-Blue zone: specialized in short stays with a maximum duration of 2 hours that will be applied in functionally tertiary urban sectors.

-Green zone: with a maximum duration of 4.5 hours, which responds to labor demand in spaces peripheral to work areas.

-Red zone: free parking area, with a maximum parking time of 15 minutes and a 3-hour limit on obtaining a new free ticket.

-Resident area (White): exclusive parking area for residents of the area where it is located.

Once this new contract has been established, the number of seats will be a total of 5,544 seats: 1,418 blue seats, 3,957 green seats, and 23 red seats. In the case of white places for residents, they could be up to 146.

In the coming months, work will be done on expanding the new OTA zones included in the new contract.

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