Cartagena new parking meters with virtual wallet

Cartagena debuts new parking meters with virtual wallet

This is a new bet from the Department of Public Roads of the Cartagena City Council, directed by Juan Pedro Torralba, to offer new facilities to drivers who park their vehicles in the green and blue areas in Cartagena. Thus, the mayor stressed that all the functions of the new parking meters “are developed on a touch screen, practical and easy to operate” .

The new parking meters that will regulate the parking in Cartagena will begin operating in different parts of the city from December 23. These new machines have an innovative virtual wallet service that will allow users to manage their money and recover the amount of time not consumed, as well as recharge their ticket anywhere in the city, without having to return to the place in the your car is parked.

Juan Pedro Torralba’s statements on the new parking meters (MP3 – 1,14 MB)

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Ayuntamiento de Cartagena – ( Lunes 23 Diciembre 2019
Cartagena estrena nuevos parquímetros con monedero virtual que permiten pagar desde cualquier punto de la ciudad. / Cartagena Monday 23 December 2019 Cartagena debuts new parking meters with virtual wallets that allow you to pay from anywhere in the city.

La Verdad Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 01:54
The parking meters of the ORA already save money not consumed. The machines released yesterday have an electronic wallet that recovers the remaining euros and issue virtual tickets for the blue and green areas.

La Opinión de Murcia Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 04:00
They install touch parking meters to pay from anywhere.

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