Blinkay Tracer is a Parking Ticket Management System

Parking Ticket Management System currently installed in over a dozen Ontario municipalities, Ticket Tracer is a comprehensive yet moderately priced Windows based system that will track and manage parking tickets (Parking Infraction Notices, PINs) from issuance to payment or cancellation.

What is Blinkay Tracer?

The module allows:

Ticket Entry, Edit, Post

New tickets may be data entered into the system or automatically loaded from the hand held ticket issuing systems.

Ticket Query

The data is searched via Ticket Tracer’s Select windows that resemble an Excel spreadsheet. The search criteria are entered.

Ticket history

The history of each ticket may be viewed. The ‘Chronology’ button on the window above is clicked and the window shows what state the ticket was at each effective date from most recent to oldest.


Payments may be data entered into Ticket Tracer. The ticket number and the amount paid are keyed for each ticket being paid. A batch header references the batch of details.

Trials, Hearings, Screenings

POA trials, First Attendance, AMP Screenings and AMP Hearings are supported. Appointment schedules may be set up with beginning and ending date times for a session of any of the above types.

Financial Controls

A control number is automatically assigned to a day’s processing. Extensive control totals are kept by the system for every change to the financial data including new tickets posted, payments and cancellations.

Blinkay Tracer Benefits


Ticket Tracer is a Client Server system. The client side runs on a Windows 10 PC while the server runs either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. Crystal Reports (purchased separately) may be used to write custom queries. Native database drivers are employed. No ODBC drivers are required. The client will run in a Citrix environment. Ticket Tracer is a ‘light’ client that uses no windows registry settings. Given that data base access is available on the client machine, client installation consists of creating a windows icon that points to a Ticket Tracer executable on a network drive. All option settings and customization is done by storing settings in the data base tables.

The system makes extensive use of database stored procedures, functions and triggers and the benefit is better performance at the client machine. The client side is written in Appeon PowerBuilder.

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