Blinkay Suite parking management software

Blinkay Suite parking management software is a scalable  solution with a high availability  IoT software platform  that enables an integral management of data mobility in real time.

We offer you a comprehensive control center with all the tools for the administration and automation of regulated parking in your city.

  • Multi-vendor on-street and curbside parking (meters or app(s))
  • Plate check, ticket issuance and ticket processing with officer smartphone apps or vehicles with LPR systems.
  • Booting and Towing systems.
  • Off-street gated or free flow private parkings or valet parking with LPR cameras.
  • 311 system – centralize citizens complaints
Blinkay Suite parking management software

Why use Blinkay Suite, the parking management software?

Blinkay Suite is a parking management software IoT platform that enables a full real time mobility management by centralising

Adaptable, flexible and open

Able to connect to any 3rd Party solution required by the municipalities/operator.

Your data is safe

This solution guarantees the privacy of the stored data. It has the following security certifications: ISO / IEC 27001 Certification, PCI DSS Certification, SOC 1 type II and SOC 2 types II Certifications.

Integration with Blinkay app, Blinkay Ticket & Blinkay Chrono

Our products offer a complete mobility solution.

Blinkay architecture

Thanks to its modular design, we guarantee the adaptability and incorporation of as many elements as required.

Reports and charts

It allows you to export data to PDF l to XLS, obtain graphs, display comparisons, plots and trends of the data.

Automatic update

We guarantee the automatic update of the software to the latest version for the duration of the contract.

Blinkay Suite Benefits

Access data from anywhere
You can access it with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and get important data from operations: customer behavior, financial reports, usage statistics, trends, etc.

One platform for all your needs
Everything you need to manage your parking lots has a management and information point in Blinkay Suite.

Manage your operations
Of the different areas of regulated parking, maintenance of parking meters, management of security guards, imposition and collection of complaints, etc.

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