Blinkay Solutions

Blinkay solutions is a professional parking management with a set of products to access mobility services like paying to park, electrical vehicle charging,
residential permitting, monthly permitting, managing valet parking and enabling the payment of infractions…

Platform Solutions

Blinkay Suite is a core unique integrated end-to-end parking management solution designed for parking agencies, parking authorities, police agencies and private parking operators. The solution is scalable for the worldwide market, including Europe, North America, LATAM and APAC.

Blinkay Suite, the preferred solution to manage parking, enforcement and mobility services for cities, authorities and private operators.

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Blinkay Platform Suite
Blinkay Occupancy

The Blinkay Suite engine  compiles all data from all parking control sources, to provide occupancy statistics for management review and to make dynamic rate engine calculations.

Blinkay Occupation
Blinkay Pollution

A highly reliable sensor, which constantly analyses air quality, moisture and noise data. Once datapoints are captured, they are centralized  in  Blinkay Suite , whereby parking management can review and execute any required actions.

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Blinkay Rate Engine is another important capability of Blinkay Suite , which is designed to
support multiple 
vendor payment options, like meters or phone apps. This capability and willingness to integrate information, will allow the city to standardize and centralize the rates in one back-office. All third party vendors, to the city or operator, will use the centralized rate engine, including Blinkay.

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Payment Solutions

The following describes Blinkay’s set of payment solutions. All payment solutions communicate with the rest of the offered services, like  real-time plate verifications, ticket issuance, code enforcement, property enforcement, ticket aging, ticket notices, ticket appeals, ticket collections, towing, booting  and asset/meter management, which is all connected to the Blinkay Suite.

payment solutions
Blinkay App

Blinkay App is the best option to allow someone to find, reserve and pay for parking privileges in any city at any time. Blinkay App is perfect for your on-street  or off-street parking control needs.

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Blinkay Chrono

Chrono, THE multi-media payment platform designed for today’s parking control demands

Blinkay Chrono is a complete set of solutions enabled inside a smart parking meter that can be installed for on-street or off-street parking control. CHRONO uses an advanced new multimedia 10.1 inch touchscreen user interface, with an embedded camera to provide leading edge functionalities, like the validation of a coupon, or the reading of a QR code so a citation may be paid.

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Blinkay Chrono
Blinkay Permit

Blinkay Permit allows residents and non-residents to manage all of their permit parking needs. The system assists with selecting the right permit type for you, through the Blinkay self-guided permit portal.

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Blinkay Permit Management
Blinkay Control

Blinkay Control is a low cost system for the management, reservation and payment of parking privileges for small and medium size lots where by a traditional PARCS solution cannot be applied due to relative high costs and installation complexity.

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Blinkay Valet Management
Blinkay Portal

Blinkay Portal, allows parkers to access the web portal through any browser, like Chrome, Mozilla or Edge. The system allows for the appeal or payment  of an outstanding parking citation or late notice, using any digital payment option. Available payment options include VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Blinkay also support 3DS protocols, which eliminate the use of fraudulent credit cards.

Blinkay Portal

Enforcement Solutions

A set of solutions that include real-time plate verifications, citation issuance, code enforcement, property enforcement, citation aging, citation notices, appeals, collections, towing and booting are all connected to the Blinkay Suite.

enforcement solution
Blinkay Ticket

Blinkay Ticket is an automated IoT solution that enables real-time enforcement, towing, booting and assets/meters maintenance through an Android app connected to Blinkay Suite.

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Blinkay Ticket Solution
Blinkay Tracer

Blinkay Tracer is an advanced Parking Citation Management System, which is currently installed in many municipalities. Blink Tracer is a comprehensive Windows based system that will track and manage the entire parking citation) process. From issuance to payment, Blinkay Tracer is complete and always available for use by management and the citation holder.

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Blinkay Tow

Part of the Blinkay Ticket application, the tow module manages the towing service of vehicles. The functionality alerts staff of a potential ‘tow violation’, which is sent from the Blinkay Suite backoffice.

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Blinkay Tow Solution
Blinkay Appeal

This capability allows the Citation holder to appeal the enforcement action.The process is convenient for both parties and allows the back office admin reviewers to review the appeal and accept or reject the reason provided.

Appeal Blinkay Solutions

Maintenance Solution

A set of tools to manage assets and automate maintenance activity for municipalities and operators.

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Blinkay Maintenance
Blinkay Asset

Blinkay Assets maintenance module allows your maintenance resources to get real-time alarms from your meter vendor(s) and manage electronic work orders. We provide the maintenance resource with a real-time Android app able to receive, manage and log the whole set of tasks on their smartphone.

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Blinkay Asset

Blinkay, the smart mobility for cities

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Technical Capabilities Deployed:

Blinkay solutions  have been deployed inSpain, México and South America. We are also growing extraordinary extraordinarily fast  in North America and Asia, with more than 100 client accounts (municipalities and private operators) and +500,000 users of the Blinkay.

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