Blinkay Enables a New 100% Digital Parking Solution in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For the city of Buenos Aires, the implementation of a new digital system to manage on-street parking, adapted to current times, is essential for the efficient administration of public parking spaces. After an international search, Blinkay was awarded the project to supply a brand new digital parking payment solution through the Blinkay App solution.

The new system will eliminate the currently installed parking meters, and allow residents and visitors to quickly and easily pay for parking parking rights using their mobile device. The new system will include benefits to residents, like free parking in their home neighborhood. The residents will also be able to provide their guests with a visitor pass. Blinkay App is also beneficial for business owners, through the ‘merchant validation capability’, which allows the business owner to pay a customer’s parking fee.

The upgraded system will ensure that there is an increase in space turnover, especially in high traffic zones, like shopping, business districts and tourist areas. As an example, in certain locations where a car may park for up to 8 hours, the max parking time allowed will be reduced so the parking space will turn over more frequently, which means more cars may park in the same space over the same amount of time throughout the day. For parkers that still want to park all day, the 8 hour time zones will be restricted to off-street lots and garages. Reducing times limits that are shorter than the average work day will also work to keep merchants, employees and delivery drivers confined to the long-term lots and garages, and not take up valuable curb space meant for shoppers, tourists, restaurant visitors and other short-term parking uses.

Blinkay App in Buenos Aires

The following objectives the city of Buenos Aires achieved working with Blinkay are:

  • Successfully re-organized the public parking system making city parking  accessible to all.
  • Successfully provided a digital, transparent, and controlled parking and towing solution system.
  • Successfully implemented electronic payment alternatives, eliminating the need for coins and bill notes.
  • Successfully promoted better traffic flow for cars, commercial vehicles and public transportation.
  • Successfully achieved a greater turnover of vehicles in high demand parking zones.
  • Successfully promoted the use of public transport.
  • Successfully implemented occupation  in real time to eliminate unnecessary pollution by minimizing the  time to park.

Resident Registration

Residents can manage their parking permit through their “miBa” account, the official platform where city services can be configured. Blinkay has integrated a subscription system so residents of Buenos Aires may digitally carry out the permit application process, which will automatically activate their permit once the process is completed*.

*To obtain the permit the registered vehicle must not have a debt or unpaid traffic violations. In case of having it, it must be paid within 12 months after entering the resident registry.

welcome email fr registered residents of CABA
Welcome email for registered residents
CABA tariff zone in the city of Buenos Aires
CABA tariff zone

Digital Parking Payment with Blinkay App

Blinkay App controls a customer account through managing the vehicles that are allowed to park, the hours that each vehicle is allowed to park, and the zone(s) where each vehicle may park.. All parking control actions are supervised through a system of portable cameras that the traffic agents will have included on a handheld enforcement device. Note: The handheld device also has license plate read capabilities, so the enforcement officers don’t have to enter the plate information, making for a faster and more accurate enforcement process.

Merchants will also have the ability to sell parking rights to visitors and customers alike. To date, more than 200 businesses have signed up to offer the online Blinkay App service, which exceeds the 73 businesses that previously sold tokens for parking meter payments.

Enforcement is simple and accomplished with motorcycles equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with an integrated towing system. In total, Buenos Aires will manage more than 80,000 parking spaces, using linear and progressive rate structures. The result of the new parking system will give the city a technological lead, over neighboring cities and countries,  with the latest in parking control solutions.

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