Blinkay Chrono Smart Parking Meter

Blinkay Chrono is a complete set of solutions enabled inside a smart parking meter

The meter core technology is real time and always connected to the back office Blinkay Suite platform. This allows for occupancy and pollution data metrics to be analyzed by the city management and operational team. They would be able to execute business decisions by optimizing dynamic parking rate structure.

Blinkay Chrono

Blinkay Chrono parking meter main features

The smart parking meter main features:

Born in the cloud: real-time communications structure

Designed to communicate in real time through any mobile network 3G / 4G / 5G or WIFI. CHRONO can manage wired communication standards like Ethernet or 485 to control electric vehicle chargers.

All meters are connected to the Blinkay Suite

Health status,  alarms, rate updates, user interface changes, audit reports, software updates, electrical vehicle charging information and many other value-added services available through Blinkay Suite platform.

10.4” or 12” color touch screen anti-reflective

The industrial multimedia touch screen interface allows the customer to pay for parking via a simple intuitive workflow.  This smart meter is a point of access to your consumers where much more information and services can be provided by your organization.

High performance IoT back-office on a TIER IV infrastructure

Remote real-time management of your blue (residential) zone activity, reports and statistics on demand with configurable users and functions.
Hosted on high performance cloud servers (ASP/SaaS).

Technical specifications

Blinkay Chrono benefits
  • 360º orientable 20W Solar panel.
  • 10.4” or 12” color display (1280×800 pixels and 16.7M colors).
  • IK10 touch screen with gesture recognition.
  • Multiple EMV devices supported for Spain, United States, Canada and APAC region with PINPAD and contactless.
  • Scanner 2D compatible with cell phone screens.
  • Extender range temperature Münzprüfer coin acceptance module.
  • High accuracy pollution sensors for quality air index calculation.

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Retrofit meters

We are able to install and modify meters from other companies.