Blinkay Asset maintenance resources

  • Receive, manage and classify alarms by severity level.
  • Define a distribution list of resources and a schedule which will allow the field resources to receive immediate notification by mail / SMS or via the app.  This will allow the field resources to get real-time visibility on alarms and log preventive  records into the maintenance system.
  • Log: the beginning of the physical meter alarm, the start and end of repair on the related alarm.
Blinkay Asset maintenance resources

What is Blinkay Asset maintenance resources?

Blinkay Assets is a tool to digitise maintenance resources to get real-time alarms from your meter vendor(s) and manage electronic work orders. 
We provide the maintenance resource with a real-time Android app able to receive, manage and log the whole set of tasks on their smartphone.

Blinkay Asset alarm

It logs the meter alarm start, the field technician start of working tasks %%here  working, the list of tasks performed on the meter and pictures associated with the maintenance job.

Blinkay Asset information

It provides your supervisors with information to analyze alarms by criticality or machine, out of service time of the machines, etc.

Blinkay Asset dashboard

It provides a powerful dashboard to see average maintenance tasks, productivity by agent and availability of your meters.

Blinkay Asset emails

Key performance indicators and e-mails are fired when acceptable limits are passed. For example, meter out of service for more than 45 minutes or meter without connection for more than 30 minutes.

How does it work?

Blinkay Asset benefits
  • Blinkay Suite receives or extracts the existing alarms from the different types of meters.
  • Alarms are assigned to maintenance agents in two ways:
    • From the back office, a supervisor can assign an alarm to the agent 
    • The agent with the app can see the alarms, and grab them. 
  • Management agent app has a simple menu:
  • Create maintenance – the agent is able to create a job when he finds a problem in the meter: display is broken, meter painted, etc…
  • Active alarms – shows the existing alarms in map  table format with a configurable filter by criticality.
  • Jobs History  – shows the alarms assigned to the maintenance agent: new, in progress, done or cancelled.

How to Get Started?

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