Blinkay App is a park mobile app

Blinkay App is a park mobile app, the best option to pay for services related to your vehicle in any city at any time.

The App or web version is fully optimized for the payment, management and marketing services related to the vehicles and parking on-street, curbside or off-street.
The parkers will also have access to the real time occupancy allowing them to plan the area to park. For regular parkers, they will also be able to have an option to purchase a weekly or monthly permit if available.

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park mobile app

What is

The best option to find and pay for parking or mobility services in the city.

map icon

Access your parking and services through the map.

On-street, curbside, off-street parking, gas service, valet service, car wash service and much more.

icon sign in

Quick sign-up in 2 steps

You only need your email or mobile phone number and a valid payment method or faster for occasional visitors where no signup registration is required

icon save money

Save money

Easy, fast, safe and no prepayment required

icon pay real time

Pay only for the time you park

Unpark and pay only for the real-time you parked getting back the amount of unused time.

icon parking meter

Bye-bye to the legacy single space meters

Extend your parking session wherever you are without the need for cash or returning back to the meter.

icon avoid tickets

Avoid tickets

Stay away from tickets by receiving a warning before your parking session ends. Avoid being towed when the zone has restrictions like traffic rush hour periods.

Blinkay App technology

It includes secure payment using 3DS protocol, parking history, vehicle management, backoffice management and marketing services
related to on-street or off-street parking services using mobile technologies.

parking mobile app
  • On-Street parking
  • Off-Street parking
  • Electric vehicle charge
  • Car sharing
  • Effortless payment
  • Multi-vendor meter & phone support
  • Real-time occupancy
  • Real-time notifications
  • Access to public transportation

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