Blinkay App implemented in Durango

Starting in January, a new app for parking meters will be implemented in Durango

Starting in January 2023, the new Blinkay system will be implemented to pay for parking meters in Durango, seeking to improve this service.

Jorge Gurrola García, Deputy Director of Administration and Finance, highlighted that the company guarantees that the application is friendlier and has fewer error levels.

“Then, this will allow the taxpayer to download the application, to charge a balance better, easier, and for the parking meter agents to do their job in a better way,” he stated.

The official considered that these two things will generate fewer problems and less discontent on the part of the citizenry.

He pointed out that the Blinkay application will come into force as of January 2, 2023, providing better quality and ease to the taxpayer when making their payments in the parking meter service.

“The objective is that the services provided by the municipality are of better quality and that the citizen is seen to benefit in some way,” he stressed.

With this new version, there is the benefit of paying only for the time that is used, since if the expected time was not used, the application returns the balance in favor to the taxpayer. You can also share balance between users.