Barquisimeto (Venezuela) launches digital parking meters

From the 1st of February, a new system of digital parking meters will be installed that will allow users of private vehicles to park on the left side of the road in a safe and orderly manner, starting from 19th Street, 20th and 21st Streets, from 8th Street to Vargas Avenue, and then on to other areas of the city.

“We are starting a process that has two objectives: firstly, to regulate traffic and, secondly, to raise funds, because road maintenance is very expensive and it is necessary to generate sources of funding, for which we have the support of private companies that specialise in this area,” said Torcate.

Payment for this type of parking will only be made digitally, online, and under no circumstances will individuals be allowed to pay in cash; this payment will be made through an application that will be downloaded onto a mobile phone and that will allow the registration of the licence plate and the method of payment.

The value of the parking fee will be calculated in accordance with the recently enacted Tax Harmonisation Law and can be calculated through the application.

In order to verify compliance with this instruction, information will be sent to users by 31 January to inform them of the operation of this new system and the collection of the fee from 1 February. During the month of February, information will also be sent to those who do not pay, as this will result in a fine that will be applied from 1 March.

It is important to note that the sanction mechanism will be through a vehicle immobiliser to avoid the use of tow trucks; the fine or sanction imposed for non-payment of the parking fee will also be digital, online.